LIDO PIMIENTA släpper singeln Te Quiera

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Albumet Miss Colombia släpps på fredag och här kommer ett fint smakprov i singelform.

A great 8 out of 10 review from Pitchfork for “Miss Colombia”
“The Colombian and Canadian musician’s second album is a symbolic reclamation of her crown. On one level, she’s recollecting intimate relationships; on another, she’s calling entire countries to task.”
“The great promise of Miss Colombia, and of her new leadership in a predominantly white scene, is that brown girls will hear it and be inspired to surge to the front.”

Plus 4 out of 5 by Rolling Stone:
“The organic, delightfully earnest tracks blend Miss Colombia’s avant-Latin sonic palette with revered cross-generational traditions, forging a new world of musical borderlessness that Pimienta is glad to call home.”

“With Miss Colombia, she has used her platform to introduce her newfound audience to issues many of us would not have otherwise known about. She has couched these reflections in powerfully original music, refracting the cultures that formed her through the prism of her own inspiration. In her singular fashion, Pimienta has drawn back the curtain on a vast world to be explored. This album is not the last word on Colombia, or even the last word on Lido Pimienta. It is one chapter in one artist’s story. But wow, what an artist, and what a chapter.”

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