BEDROOM EYES släpper Greetings From Northern Sweden

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With his debut album, released back in 2010, getting raving press from the likes of Rolling Stone(“a strong songwriter”),Vice (“beautiful artist”), Der Spiegel(“marvelous songs blessed with harmony”) and Swedish national radio P3 (“next big thing in Swedish pop”) there’s a lot of anticipation leading up the new release. Bedroom Eyes sophomore album ’Greeting From Northern Sweden’ is wonderful,speedy and intriguing indie pop at it’s finest. There’s muddy guitars, delicate strings and Classic indie melodies combined with the sound nordic mountains and winds thatgives the album a special Swedish touch.

Aurora Lights
Michael Collins
Carrying the Storm
After I Was a Kid but Before I Grew Up
Portable Hell
Stethoscope Sounds
A Change In Altitude
Trondheim Harbor
The One You Love Is Mostly Water

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