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The systems that maintain the total spreading and keeps the western civilisation enslaved under the foot of capitalism are destroyed. The analogue reality reaches you unfiltered and seven billion screens show white noise. The fax network is the only thing working…

Höga Nord Rekords proudly present Ultra Satan! A body that have lent blood from other acts on the label, such as SPR!, Tentakel, Fontän and The Exorcist GBG, are releasing their first 7”. Ultra Satan displays with the two tracks USA and USB, an almost unprecedented unrestrained creative force, stemmed from the ambition to destroy and rebuild. Rebuild something free and unexplored.

Ultra Satan works with the concept of “More is More” and with that principal they capture the Zeitgeist of over consumption, global warming and skew resource allocation. The music presents one part of the whole ambition of this group, and is the strongest sounding source right now. But the more long going plans of this collective, band or whatever you want to call it, is by secret networks to connect all the freaks who also sense that the end of the world as we know it will come to an end sooner than later.

Ultra Satan is ahead musically, philosophically, politically and spiritually. Join the gathering!

© Höga Nord Rekords


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