NULL + VOID släpper ‘Asphalt Kiss’

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Null + Void aka Kurt Uenala may not be a familiar name for many music fans, but chances are you’ve heard his work. His song “Die Sleeping” was an early classic of dreamy, club-ready synth pop, and it caught the attention of fans and artists around the world. It eventually landed him a gig recording with Depeche Mode singer Dave Gahan, not to mention a long list of major acts such as Moby and The Kills. But he was not only working with other artists, he also started writing his own shadowy, melancholic songs, filling them with angular beats and moody atmospheres. After a while, the basis of Kurt’s new solo project, Null + Void, took shape.
In joyful anticipation of things to come ‘Asphalt Kiss’ is the first single taken off the upcoming album ‘Cryosleep’.

“Asphalt Kiss” is a synth-driven track built on Detroit electro’s mechanical bounce and has a sinister glint in its eyes. It’s a stark statement of intent from someone clearly in full mastery of his skills.
Snorri Bros, who directed the music video, created a lucid dream with chunky impressions in black and white.

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