MICHAEL CRIMSON släpper debutsingeln “Viperine Hair”

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Songwriter, guitarist and singer Michael Crimson makes mind-bending music that flows beyond the boundaries of progressive rock, pop, glam, folk, the Blues and classic rock into fresh dimensions.

His debut solo album, Medusa, which will be released later this year, is a collection that honors the tradition of legendary lyrics-and-guitar-driven rock music by legends like Pink Floyd, The Doors and David Bowie. Co-produced by Ola Sonmark, the album travels through Crimson’s own journey through love, faith, self-discovery, loss, death and beyond, intertwined with universal themes, compelling characters and captivating tales from Greek mythology.

Gain´s first encounter with Michael Crimson was via a tip from one of Gothenburgs most recognized live booker, Elias Leijon at Sticky Fingers.
The material were just that good that we hade to sign it!

”I get hundreds of emails every week from hopeful bands seeking gigs and many times I can not go through everything. Michael’s mail did not differ significantly from other artists.
It was more like: Here´s my music and I want to come and play.
In spite of the foul description, I still decided that I would go through a big harvest of old requests. After hearing Viperine Hair once, I was completely speechless, what the hell was this? I listened again and again, and again. At the end of the day I had listened 15-20 times in total. Completely knocked. I must say that I did not feel like checking out more bands that day. Nobody would had come close to Michael anyway. This guy has the opportunity to go really far. ” – Elias Leijon, Sticky Fingers

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