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What will you tell your child, if it inherits your mental illness?

On Friday April 7th, the Danish artist Wangel releases his new single Reason. The song is written to his unborn child and is about passing something on – all the love in the world, and maybe a mental disorder.

What will you tell your child, if it inherits your mental illness?

Peter Wangel, the singer and songwriter behind the Danish artist name Wangel, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 19. Now he and his girlfriend are expecting their first child – and a lot of questions start to emerge. With the new release Reason, Wangel is trying to address these in the best possible fashion.

“My love in your veins”
Reason is first of all a welcome and a tribute to the new life, which is on its way. An honest song about facing difficulties in life, but at the same time about trusting unconditional love to be the most important thing of all.

– I myself have been brought up with lots of care and love, which gave me the strength and confidence to overcome those challenges my diagnosis contains. I want to pass that strength on to my child – no matter what – and that is what Reason is about, Peter Wangel says.

Moreover, Reason is the forerunner of Wangel’s new coming album, which will be released in September 2017.

The new single and the new album are inspired by the Norwegian author Karl Ove Knausgård and his most famous books that bluntly report on his private and family affairs.

Peter Wangel:

– My previous records have especially revolved around great, ‘lonely’ emotions – things that were only inside of me. This time it’s different. At the moment my emotions are affected by something from the outside – my girlfriend, my child – and it is at this point, that Karl Ove Knausgård and his way of telling stories has helped to me to be very explicit.

Wangel is a co-operation between Peter Wangel and producer Kasper Ejlerskov Leonhardt. In May they will perform five concerts in Denmark, starting with SPOT Festival in Aarhus the 5th of May. The two of them will bring along drummer Kristoffer Tophøj.

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