JACOB BELLENS släpper nya albumet ‘Trail Of Intuition’ i mars

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With his new album ‘Trail Of Intuition’ Danish singer and songwriter Jacob Bellens once again is shimmering somewhere in-between electronically influenced song writing and synthpop music, using his characteristic voice to reflect on his life’s journey. Since the age of five, making music means creating a parallel universe to Jacob Bellens. It’s his very own space, where he can be himself and always retreat to, no matter what happens. Out of this universe the Copenhagen based musician has released numerous songs and albums with his previous bands I Got You On Tape and Murder, with side projects and features as well as a solo artist.

‘Trail Of Intuition’ is his fourth solo album and the second one that’s internationally signed with hfn music. Unlike the songs for his previous release ‘Polyester Skin’, which he wrote mostly on piano and guitar before sending them to producer Kasper Bjørke for final production, Bellens wrote all the songs for ‘Trail Of Intuition’ on his computer. You could see him sitting in front of his laptop in coffee shops across Copenhagen, with his headphones on, letting the basic programming and pre-production of the songs become an essential part of the writing process. The final production was made mostly by Rune Borup, who he knows back from the I Got You On Tape days and his friend Lars Iversen (The Asteroids Galaxy Tour), with whom Bellens also had the band project Goblins.

The new album is a collection of snapshots of the whole range of feelings for which Bellens digs into the pool of his own experiences. ‘Every song I wrote is me describing my own life, even if I describe it as nonsense’ he says. Any experience – happy or sad – can function as an influence; observations in public, a sudden change in mood as well as a more general sense of feeling helpless. It’s always leading back to Bellens, looking out from within, being a bit further into his life now than it was the case earlier.

With a significant focus on pop music, an electronic synth twist and catchy song structures, with its playfulness as well as the ambiguous lyrics, ‘Trail Of Intuition’ feels both, bright and melancholic, in many ways. Light and dark coexist but the often mellow and quirky subjects Bellens’ lyrics evolve around end up tipping more towards the lighter side. In his musical universe Jacob Bellens is king. With ‘Trail of Intuition’ he’s headed out for the fourth time to tell his story wrapped in catchy pop tunes full of playful oddity and to steal the hearts of his (soon-to-be) fans all over the world.

‘Renegade’ will be the first single and video in January and Jacob Bellens will tour with his band from June 2018, following on from the Danish tour in April.

01 | Sunrise in East
02 | Renegade
03 | All The Songs
04 | More Than Anything
05 | Friday
06 | One Of A Kind
07 | Trail Of Intuition
08 | Europe’s Burning
09 | Brick By Brick
10 | Sound Of Laughter

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