FRÀNÇOIS & THE ATLAS MOUNTAINS nya singel är Âpres Après

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On the first date of the band’s UK tour, Fránçois & The Atlas Mountains have shared their beautifully surreal video for, ‘Après Après’. The track is a stand-out, taken from their recently released 4th studio album, Solide Mirage. Fránçois stars in the video as a character very similar to (but not) Agent Cooper from Twin Peaks.

In François’ own words: “Time has come for you to seek the path. We have a new video, Agent Cooper 2.0 style!”

Solide Mirage is the group’s most outspoken and deep-rooted work to date, it is like an imperceptible dream, a fantasy where reality shifts as one approaches it – a perfect definition for this protean, changeable-yet-direct album which reveals new facets and new landscapes in every listen. Sometimes soft sometimes tough, sometimes crazy, but always highly political, whether direct or reading between the lines. The album was recorded in Jet Studios in Brussels and produced by Ash Workman, who also worked on Piano Ombre and who has worked with Metronomy and Christine & The Queens, with strings performed by Owen Pallett.

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