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LA Love is the third Vocal Pop & Dance track release from Copenhagen based The Purple Project

A tribute to the core values, and protection, of social networking. We socialize to discover, bond and communicate – doing something that makes belonging matter

All this is manifested in music festivals – bonding with human beings, a shared sense of joyfulness, let go of steam, hedonism and communing with nature

The track and music video LA Love takes these elements and brings the festival atmosphere into a modern Vocal Pop & Dance sound. LA Love is a melodic Radio-edit track

The Purple Project

The Purple Project is a Copenhagen based producer and music team with a professional background from various music genres

The style is EDM with a modern electronic expression from genres such as Club, Dance, Pop, Deep House, Trance and Indie

Release date: La Love – 24 April 2020

Previous releases:
• East Side Boho’s (27 December 2019)
• Ibiza Strawberry Mind (12 August 2019)

© Producer Big J / Play MPE


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