MYSHKIN WARBLER släpper “Trust and the High Wire”

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“Bewitching and intoxicating” —New Orleans Times Picayune
“Haunting melodies, intricate metaphors and subversive subplots, a complex underground legend.” —Bitch Magazine, USA
“Dusky, haunting gems. For all its risk-taking, never fails to sound totally organic.” —All Music Guide
“Sad, smart and weird…with a restless, caterwauling freedom.” —Village Voice

New Orleans schooled, gypsy spirited, endlessly curious, Myshkin Warbler is a rare bird among songwriters. Her career is marked by tireless experimentation, and a few constants: darkly joyous, compellingly complex songs, a soaring voice and hypnotic pulse, work that slips under the skin and stays there: literate, political, heartbreaking, gorgeous, eclectic as hell.

After two decades of award-winning writing and recording, relentless touring, eight solo records and several beloved home towns, Myshkin’s migrations finally brought her to the artists’ hideout of Joshua Tree, California. In the desert she has created two new performance projects—the Barnum/Brecht/dark-cabaret mashup Royal Rabble Circus show, and the film/music political performance piece Po^tion: Warning Signs—and completed her ninth record, Trust and the High Wire, due out in June.

Trust and the High Wire
Six years after the release of the hypnotic, arresting That Diamond Lust, Myshkin’s newest work spins around an extraordinary true story.

First Single : Sanctuary — Impact date June 1, 2018
Second Single : Trouble — Impact date June 15, 2018
Third Single : Ship’s Medicine — Impact date July 1, 2018
Fourth Single : The Spell — Impact date July 15, 2018

“In January of 2104, the lover I had just found after a lifetime of looking dove into a six day coma, followed by six months in the icu, leaving her without four fingers and both legs. Our honeymoon became a high wire, suspended between love and death. I was left holding her life and her child, my guitar and a handful of melodies and spells to ward off the dark. The supreme court legalized marriage for everyone in 2015. We wed the following spring.”

The record was written and recorded realtime, from deep inside the story, and the harsh beauty of the Mojave desert. The result is a rich, spooky collection colored by soul/jazz and folk/rock, balancing on the fine thread between longing and trust. Potent, approachable songs, Ms. Warbler’s signature pristine production, and stellar performances by a crew of local legends combine to create a record that feels like an instant classic.

DoubleSalt is releasing Trust and the High Wire in conjunction with (Myshkin’s partner) Jenny Q’s book Held Together, covering the same narrative ground from different perspectives. The couple have created Trust·Together, a performance piece that unites the two works. Trust·Together will debut at the record and book launch event, presented by Harrison House in Joshua Tree, California on June 9, 2108, and will tour internationally over the following 18 months.

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