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”Plays the Drums” is ten two minute-ish songs written around drum tracks played and recorded during a couple of foodless lunchbreaks. It ́s passionate, hasty and occasionally clueless. ”SWLM” is an ode to Swedens greatest and most important medieval psychrockers ever, The Spy Who Loved Me. ”Country Boy in the Sinkhole” touches on the strangeness and daily supernatural happenings in Måns hometown of Skurup. And, ”The Lake” is about an infamous dead couple roaming the area around Badman Lake, Skåne, Sweden. They supposedly drowned in 1994 listening to SWLM – no bodies were ever found, only a signed edition of SWLMs last demo tape before they signed to EMI. It says ”thy bleek and muurisch gess will forever Urinh, love/Badman & Manny”. It ́s still an open case, and one of great interest to paranormal rock people all over the world.

This mini album was intended as a limited edition, but due to the limitless nature of the internet, this seemed an impossible task. Therefore, you should probably only listen to it a limited number of times.

Plays the drums will be followed by a number of totally unlimited albums later this year.

Solo discography:
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