TROUBLE släpper 7″ “Snake Eyes” – från nya Twin Peaks

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As seen performing last night on Twin Peaks, the instrumental trio Trouble includes Twin Peaks creator David Lynch’s son Riley Lynch on guitar, Dean Hurley (longtime music supervisor for Lynch) on drums, and Alex Zhang Hungtai (Dirty Beaches, Last Lizard) on tenor saxophone. “Snake Eyes,’ the track written and recorded for the highly anticipated return of Lynch’s cult television classic effectively harkens a time when noir R&B was the de-facto soundtrack to hard liquor violence. Listen to it here.

The B-side to the single consists of the bonus ‘Mother’s Gone;’ a menacing companion track additionally recorded during the band’s only Twin Peaks recording session. There may never be any more music from Trouble, but this 45 serves as physical evidence of the group’s continued existence in a parallel cinematic universe, grinding out late night Roadhouse gigs in the fictitious town of Twin Peaks, Washington.

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