HOROSCOPE släpper video till ‘Misogyny Stone’ och LP ute på fredag

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Horoscope is Rene J Nunez Cabrera from Miami, Florida. For the past several years, Horoscope has been slowly leading those in the know down a path of self discovery and expression. Nunez Cabrera hypnotizes audiences with a unique brand of cathartic live performances and a slew of releases on labels such as Ascetic House and No Rent Records.

With Misogyny Stone, his second LP for Wharf Cat, Nunez Cabrera looks inward and explores his past and place within the world. Though the artist’s intent need not be force-fed to the listener — this is a work that rewards individual interpretation. Put in another way, this is a record for the listener to find themselves within.

In order to make Misogyny Stone distinct from his past releases, Nunez Cabrera used techniques new to him involving modular synthesis while integrating more standard rhythms into the compositions. By using these methods as well as tape manipulation, and a slew of effects Misogyny Stone avoids the common trappings of American harsh noise and European industrial / dark ambient music.

Ahead of the albums release this Friday, Horoscope is sharing the video for “Azabache Necklace Brought To Protect My Daughter,” which was directed by mixed media artist Marfisia Bel.

She had this to say of the video:
“This video is a submersion into your subconscious—where dreams and nightmares are indistinguishable.”

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Horoscope – Misogyny Stone
1. Drone Gold
2. Misogyny Stone
3. Narcissist Vague
4. Azabache Necklace Brought to Protect My Daughter
5. New Piece (for Christian Mirande)

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