DISMISSED – nya albumet “Heads Held High” släpps 31 mars

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Dismissed has during several years done hundreds of amazing live performances, where they whip each other, smash instruments and setting the stage on fire, just to make a point.
But it was in the Swedish take-outs for eurovision in Malmö where Dismissed presented themselves to the swedish people. With their contributing song “Hearts Align“, written by Ola Salo (The Ark), Dismissed took themselves all the way to “Andra Chansen” as only rock band.
31st of March is set for release of their debut album “Heads Held High”, produced by Martin Sanvik (Hardcore Suoerstar) and mixed by Dino Madanhodzic.
This is not a silent protest, the screams of the glitterarmy is louder than the bangs of your bombs. This is the sound of a thousand angry voices compressed into nine songs. Every split lip or broken heart is put into our music. Thank you, all assholes and haters out there. Without you, no Dismissed This is Heads Held High March 31th
Upcoming gigs: 
April 22nd – Motala
May 13th – Växjö
July 1st – Kristianstad
July 22nd – Kalix
August 26th – Eksjö
More dates to come…
We are Dismissed..
We stand for love, we stand for the party and we stand for the glitter.
We fight predjudice and oppression.
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