HERON släpper “You Are Here Now”

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Heron is a post-rock instrumental collective hailing from northwestern Pennsylvania. Their transcendent sound blends resonant, melodic elements with darker and more ambient tones. The group members are as follows: Ben Blick and Boyd Lewis (guitars), Eric Morelli (bass), and Nate Blick (drums and percussion). Heron’s music is an emotionally evocative and vividly dynamic musical narrative with underpinnings that call to mind This Will Destroy You, Sigur Ros, The Appleseed Cast, and Pink Floyd. Recorded live and locally, it is more of a composite sound experience than a series of songs, and its spacious vibes blur the lines of generic appeal, engaging listeners of diverse ages and musical tastes. You Are Here Now is the title of their debut album, and while that declaration may seem to address the listener, it is also symbolic for the band members themselves; it is like a snapshot earmarking a significant stop during a long journey. Joined by bandmates Boyd Lewis and Eric Morelli, You Are Here Now is drawn from the archives of a year spent jamming once a week, recording every practice until they were able to crystallize all of their shared ideas into seven songs that best represent exactly who they are at this moment.

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