ELIZABETH ECKERT – When Talent Seduces

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We are excited to present you today the incredibly gifted pianist and singer/songwriter Elizabeth Eckert. A natural talent as a pianist, her dedication and pursuit of excellence landed her a solo performance in Carnegie Hall as a teenager.

After moving to Nashville, she began another adventure as not just a performing artist, but a songwriter. Working with some of the industry’s finest songwriters such as Jaron Boyer, Jeff Cohen and Alex Bilo , Elizabeth found her voice and tapped into her emotional poetry with heart-felt lyrics and pop-infused melodic hooks. Paul Worley, who wrote for Lady Antebellum and The Band Perry, declared “she bends the piano to her will, note by note.”

Following the 2016 release of „Trophy Girlfriend“, her full-length debut album on Right Recordings, Elizabeth had a short promo tour on British radio and a few club gigs, which encouraged her to return this summer for performances in England and possibly on the Continent.

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