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Märvel joins The Sign Records. The Swedish rock’n’roll veterans Märvel is right now in the studio. The bands latest release was 2015 with their mini-album ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ where the band focused even more on those infectious and catchy melodies that they have made their trademark. The co-operation with The Sign Records will see the re-release of several of the highlights from the band’s career on new formats. The first re-release will be ’The Hills Have Eyes’ on CD and after that we can expect vinyl justice to several releases previously only available on CD.

“Do you think KISS was at their peak in the 70’s? Do you miss The Hellacopters and Turbonegro? Then Märvel is the cure for your rock abstinense.”

Märvel followed up their critically acclaimed album ‘H​adal Zone Express’ from 2014 with ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ released in 2015. The band teamed up with legendary engineer and producer F​red Estby,​ in his G​utterview Recorders​studio. The collaboration was an instant success, and the result is a powerful album. ‘The Hills Have Eye´s’ will be released on CD the 31st of March 2017.
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2017 – The Hills Have Eyes – CD – The Sign Records
2015 – The Hills Have Eyes – LP – Killer Cobra Records
2015 – “Everything Belongs to You” / “Motherfucker” – 7″ The Chuck Norris Experiment / Märvel – Ghost Highway
2014 – Hadal Zone Express – LP/CD – Killer Cobra Records
2012 – “Metalhead” / “Ambassador of Fantastic” – 7″ vinyl – Killer Cobra
2011 – Warhawks Of War – CD – Killer Cobra Records
2009 – “A Pyrrhic Victory” – 7″ vinyl – Killer Cobra Records
2008 – Thunderblood Heart – LP/CD – Killer Cobra Records
2006 – Unleashed – CD – Black JuJu
2005 – Five Smell City – CD – Black JuJu
2004 – Bedlam At The Embassy – 7″ vinyl – Black JuJu
2003 – Heroine Tracks – 7″ – Black JuJu
2002 – Marvellous – 7″ vinyl – New York Powerhitters

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