SLEEPING HORSES släpper “Sleeping Horses”


Hailing from the east coast, Sleeping Horses’ James Randolph Fouty currently records and resides in Portland, Oregon where he records his breathtaking post-rock / ambient tracks. With a past of ambient projects, Sleeping Horses takes and arture approach to the entire process, recording every instrument and even designing all of the artwork.  Sleeping Horses (as an album) is a post-rock / modern classical experiment. With his roots planted firmly in the ambient genre, analogue textures and reverb saturated guitar swells, Sleeping Horses has gently moved into the realm of post-rock instrumentals. Draped in orchestral strings, timpani booms, and cymbal rushes, he still manages to reference to ambient. It is a solo orchestra, a boisterous ambient chaos of climactic whispers, the soft winds that slip in and out of his tracks are breathy and effortless.

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