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Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of Paralydium to their rapidly expanding roster. The band’s debut album is tentatively scheduled for release in the first half of 2020.

Paralydium is the latest addition to the growing prog metalroster at the label and their new album is scheduled for release for early 2020

“The writing process for the new album started soon after our first release back in 2015,” says guitarist John Berg. “When the songs really started to come together, I began to feel that they had a certain interplay with each other which got me thinking on making this a conceptual album. The real challenge was to integrate all the elements, put the pieces together. As a result, the outcome is something more than just an ordinary album, just wait and you will see. Our music crosses many borders in terms of styles, so we believe that Paralydium and Frontiers will be a great team.”

It’s fair to say that there are few bands that can or will match Paralydium’s deliverance of melodic, rhythmical, and powerful songs. Initially known as “The Paralydium Project”, the band hails from Sweden and is an epic¬ progressive metal combo founded by guitarist John Berg with a vision to create an innovative mixture of hard hitting heavy riffs, textured landscapes, and powerful grooves. Their delivery takes you through space and time for an experience beyond the borders of your mind. With influences from bands such as Symphony X, Pagan’s Mind, and Dream Theater, Paralydium have created their own significant sound and expertly crafted melodies into a best of both worlds sound.

The Paralydium Project EP was released in October 2015 and took new steps into the world of progressive metal. Check out selections from the EP below:

Astral Liberation –
New Frontier –
Bringer of Life –

Quite simply, Paralydium’s new album is going to be one of THE progressive metal albums of 2020. Follow the band on social media at the links below to keep up to date on the album’s progress.

John Berg – Guitars
Georg Härnsten Egg – Drums
Jonathan Olsson – Bass
Mikael Blanc – Keys
Mikael Sehlin – Vocals


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