FROZEN 2 – Disney presenterar merchandise till succéuppföljare

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On Wednesday, October 2nd, Disney hosted a media and influencer event in celebration of Frozen Fan Fest, a social campaign commemorating never-before-seen products before they hit the shelves on October 4. The immersive event offered interactions in an experiential world in spired by Disney´s Frozen 2 coming to U.S. theaters on Nov. 22, 2019.

Kicking off today, more than 200 social media influencers from 30 countries around the world took to social channels using #FrozenFanFest to reveal the extraordinary launch of new products in support of the film from Walt Disney Animation Studios. The new Frozzen 2-products to unveiled are for fans of all ages, including apparel, accessories, footwear, toys, costumes, bedding, home décor, electronics, activities, a digital game, books and more.

With new and innovative ways to play Frozen-fans will have access to an excting assortment of toys that deliver key movie moments, including items that feature new technology and interactive features. Frozen 2 talent also took part in unveiling never-before-seen product inspired by the film as part of the celebration. Fans can share favorite moments and follow along with #FrozenFanFest across all social platforms.

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