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NPR’s All Songs Considered is premiering a powerful new track from modern soul innovator SON LITTLE. GQ once described SON LITTLE as “soul music for the hip-hop generation.” Never has that description seemed more prescient than on the new track “Demon To The Dark” a simultaneously beautiful and heartbreaking soul ballad. The song is from Son Little’s forthcoming album New Magic which arrives this September 15th. Listen here.

The song begins with the confessional proclamation, “I’m gonna beg for your forgiveness. I’m gonna do that from the start. Gonna need you as a witness, though you may have a hardened heart. Have I always been a sinner or did the world pick me apart.”

SON LITTLE says of the track, “Sometimes when things get hectic or I’m feeling low I listen to Washington Phillips, an old gospel/blues musician who played an autoharp-like instrument he made called a ‘Manzarene’. I tried to emulate the sound of the Manzarene with an omnichord and ended up with “Demon to The Dark” which is basically an imagined conversation with Mr. Phillips, a very devout religious man, who no doubt wouldn’t approve of a lot of the things going on around here these days (sex, drugs, rock and roll.) Still his music gives hope because it sounds like love and forgiveness.”

Each of songs on New Magic draw from the diaspora of American blues and soul that includes not only modern R&B, but also rock & roll and hip-hop and transforms them into a singular sound that is propelled by his mesmerizing and soulful vocals and production that artfully balances between rustic immediacy and hip hop cut-and-paste.

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