ONBC är tillbaka med den somrigaste singeln någonsin

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1) Camilla rocking a Mustang bass, 2) Tanja and Ivan in a tender acoustic moment,
3) handsome Mikkel at Tambourine, 4) Tanja and Yebo (producer ) at Kondi Frost.

Finally the second ONBC album is about done and we are proud to unveil the first single “Tombstone”.The album was recorded in the beloved Tambourine Studios in Malmö, Sweden and in our own Kondi Frost as well as various field recordings of low soft spoken vocals near buzzing refrigerators and other interferring electrical equipment (looking at you Mikkel Max!).

For anyone who knows and loves ONBC, “Tombstone” may seem like they’ve totally gone speed metal, but really it’s just an up-beat, atmospheric, catchy tune with a bit of an angry baseline that anyone with a human soul should be able to enjoy. It bodes well for the album that is still untitled but will drop min-October. So put this one on your summer-playlist and dream about that sweet album. We promise it’s 101% excellent.

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