FRANK OCEAN och hans streaming succé CHANEL hörs på WAY OUT WEST snart!

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“I see both sides like Chanel”

‘Chanel’ was written and recorded by Frank Ocean earlier this year.

Following Frank’s recent live return – with astonishing performances at Northside in Denmark and Parklife in the UK last weekend – and global streaming success, ‘Chanel’ is now being officially released at radio for the first time.

Frank plays the following live shows this Summer:
Lovebox, London, 14th-15th July
FYF, Los Angeles, 21st-23rd July
Panarama, New York, 28th-30th July
WayHome, Ontario, 28th-30th July
Way Out West, Gothenburg, 10th-12th August
Flow, Helsinki, 11th-13th August

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