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As dusk settles in and night time approaches The Dahmers rise from their coffins once more. Like bloodthirsty creatures of rock n roll they will burst out into the moonlight leaving solitude behind on a rampage for terror. 13 nerve breaking songs dedicated to the darkest of hours that will cut you down ruthlessly. A mutation of garage punk, energic rock and 60s pop makes ‘In The Dead Of Night’ a Frankensteins monster of music.

The Dahmers released their debut album ‘Demon’ on Farsot Records in 2014. The album quickly sold out and got an international release through Lövely records in 2015. The band released their ‘Terror On Wheels’ EP in 2015 and ‘Blood On My Hands’ EP in 2016. ‘Blood On My Hands’ got elected on of the top 50 songs 2016 by Swedish National Radio as one of few rock n roll songs on the list. The band´s new album ‘In The Dead Of Night’ was recorded in Studio Underjord by Joona Hassinen. Mixed by Linus ‘Linkan’ Björnlund and mastered by Magnus Lindberg. Artwork by Branca Studios.

Album Information:
Recorded 2016
Produced by The Dahmers
Recorded by Christoffer Karlsson in “Nightcrawlers Crypt”
and in “Studio Underjord” by Joona Hassinen
Mixed by Linus “Linkan” Björklund
except ‘Dusk’, ‘Cold skin’, ‘I wake up dead’ and ‘Dawn’ mixed by Christoffer Karlsson.
Mastred by Magnus Lindberg

Design & Layout by Branca Studios
Photos by Mikey Lennartsson
Additional vocals on “Rat boy” by Lina Paasijoki
All songs written by The Dahmers

In The Dead of Night CD/LP – 2017 – Lövely Records
Nightcrawler EP – 2017 – Lövely Records
Blood On My Hands EP – 2016 – Lövely Records
Terror On Wheel EP – 2015 – Lövely Records
Demons CD/LP – 2015 – Lövely Records
Demons LP – 2014 – Farsot Records
the Beyond 7″ – 2012 – Self-relesed
S/T Tape – 2011 – Self-released

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